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1. Tunisia 突尼西亞


When it comes to Tunisia, the conversation has moved on from safety to recovery for tourism, and a renewed appreciation of why the country is such a compelling(令人信服的) destination. Most travel warnings have been dropped and travellers are once again tuning in(了解明白) to North Africa’s most compact(密實小巧的) package. This year prices will remain tempting to lure(誘惑) travellers back, and lower crowds will mean that those who do come will get a more rewarding experience whether they stay in cosmopolitan(來自世界各地的) Tunis, head for Star Wars sets or explore the Roman remains that dot the north of the country.



















2. South Africa  南非



Currency fluctuations(波動) mean that for certain travellers South Africa is more affordable than it has been for many years. Instead of just rejoicing(喜悅) in the undercooked rand(蘭特>南非的貨幣單位), consider what South Africa offers value-seeking travellers at any time. How about fantastically(極好的) accessible(可接近的) wildlife watching for all budgets, bargain public (and traveller-friendly) transport and free entry to many of the country’s museums? Most visitors will find something to please(滿意) their budget, whether it’s a cheap-and cheerful Cape Town seaside cafe or an affordable safari campsite(野營地). Come in South Africa’s shoulder seasons (March to May, September and October) for the best combination of low crowds and comfortable weather.















3. Shanghai 上海



For all the upscale(高檔的高級的) new openings in China’s most famous coastal(沿岸的) city, Shanghai remains reassuringly(使人安心的) affordable for budget travellers. No-nonsense dorms start at less than US$10, and the pleasing pricing continues through budget and midrange hotels until you hit the less-than-friendly international big names and trendy boutique accommodation(停留處). It’s a similar story when eating out: characterful street-treats for a dollar, and big portions in popular restaurants for little more. Best of all, walking the city’s safe and buzzing streets is the best way to take the pulse of this fast-changing metropolis(大都市). SmartShanghai (smartshanghai.com) is a great place to keep pace with new happenings in this ever-changing city.











4. Samoa 薩摩亞



It feels like we’ve heard this one before: ‘Beautiful, undeveloped tropical(熱帶的) paradise seeks underfunded(缺乏資金的) travellers for discreet(謹慎的) liaison(關係). Applicants must enjoy no-nonsense budget buses and simple, idyllic(恬靜的) beach hut(小屋) accommodation (fales), owned by local families, who tend to throw in dinner.' So as with so many places before it, we’d say get to Samoa soon. Best visited by jumping off from New Zealand or Australia, these islands are one of the best travel deals in the Pacific.


















5. Bali 峇里島



While many budget-traveller favourites have grown up and got proper jobs running overpriced resorts(渡假勝地), Bali never stopped delivering the goods. In fact, while backpacker-friendly beachside bungalows(平房) and other affordable digs(住所) still abound(很多的), with reasonable costs for food and transport thrown in. Bali is also pretty stonking(非常) value for mid-range adventurers who delight in air conditioning, distinctive Balinese style and a large range of quality places to stay. And of course, Balinese spa treatments are rightly famous, and cheaper than in many other places.












6. Uruguay 烏拉圭



While Brazil’s travel scene burgeoned(迅速發展) as the World Cup rolled into town, Uruguay looks a better-value choice for a short excursion(遠足短程旅行) into South America. This proud buffer state has much to enjoy: sizzling(酷熱的) steaks, laid-back Montevideo and a hip beach scene that tempts travellers further round the sandy coast each year. While you should watch out for peak-time(高峰期) costs on the coast, this remains an underrated(低估), affordable corner of South America.












7. Portugal 葡萄牙



That Portugal’s Algarve(阿爾加維) region trumps prices at other European resort areas isn’t a surprise to regular visitors. This surf and family-friendly region remains the destination of choice for a more-than-sun seaside holiday, and it’s not all that great-value Portugal has to offer. Lisbon, as happening as Barcelona with fewer crowds, and cheaper, is set to get a whole lot more accessible as low-cost airline Ryanair opens a base in the Portuguese capital. Head anywhere in the country off the tourist trail, and costs come down further.













8. Taiwan 台灣



Taiwan delivers great all-round value. Taipei is significantly cheaper than Hong Kong, Seoul or Tokyo, and while hotels are a bit expense, dorm beds and homestays abound in Taiwan and camping is common in a lot of the island’s national parks and forests. Rail passes are standardized(標準化的) and cheap on fast and modern lines. Admission to many attractions and temples is cheap, and even major museums are affordable. Eating, perhaps the main attraction(吸引) in Taiwan, is accessible to all whether tucking into dumplings at a street stall or enjoying high-end fare at lower prices than comparable cities.


A large bottle of Taiwanese beer will set you back around NT$120 (US$4), or much less if you get one from a grocery shop.









9. Romania 羅馬尼亞



Eastern European nations frequently appear in best-value lists, but in Romania’s case the entry is entirely warranted(必要的). Now vigorously(充滿活力地) connected to the rest of Europe by budget airlines, accommodation compares well in all price brackets to bigger-name destinations in the region. Bucharest(布加勒斯特,羅馬尼亞的首都) is a case in point, where hotel beds largely welcome business travellers, so holiday season is, unusually, low season. Away from here there are budget-friendly homestays in medieval villages, spectacular castles and the unique Danube Delta, best explored by inexpensive, if slow, ferries.















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